Key contributions from the Leipzig University’s Institute of Psychology for research on stress: Some theoretical point of views for stress research and for intervention of stress
Konrad Reschke
University of Leipzig, Germany

Training of resiliency for high stressed groups: The development and evaluation of stress management programs for elderly people and for drivers
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Marco Eduardo Murueta Reyes
National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Health Status and Suicidality: What is the Connection?
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Arizona State University, EUA

Listening to children about well-being
Catarina Vaz Velho
University of Évora, Portugal

Coparental alliance and perception of parental support in children of the 1st cycle of elementar education
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Impulsivity and Consciousness in Human Choice
Elias Robles
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Training mathematical skills in school children: Some preliminary results
Edgar Galindo
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Sports in school children
Milagros Damián Díaz
National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico